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More new parts IN STOCK! Crated engines, transmissions, and differentials. Carburetors, starters,
alternators, vinyl tops & doors, NOS driveshafts, NOS steering racks, NOS & used seats, NOS exhaust &
mufflers, etc...        

Litterally truckloads of parts have just arrived! SEE PARTS PAGE FOR
About Us
MP Military Vehicle Parts is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and has been proud to serve
military vehicle enthusiasts worldwide for over 7 years.  We offer new, NOS, used, and aftermarket
parts for Iltis & M151 series jeeps.  We also offer Iltis and M151 series jeeps for sale as well as
restoration services.
We Stock Many Types Of VW / Audi / Iltis Parts...
Iltis Aftermarket Parts, Iltis NOS Parts, Iltis Air Filter, Iltis Alternator, Iltis Antenna, Iltis Ball Joint, Iltis
Belts, Iltis Body Parts, Iltis Brakes, Iltis Brake Pads, Iltis Clutch, Iltis Control Arm, Iltis CV Joints, Iltis
Doors, Iltis Engine Parts, Iltis Exhaust, Iltis Lights, Iltis Fuel Pump, Iltis Grille, Iltis Head Gasket, Iltis
Headlights, Iltis Hub Assemblies, Iltis Muffler, Iltis Oil Filter, Iltis Oil Pump, Iltis Sensors, Iltis Radiator,
Iltis Repair Manual, Iltis Seats, Iltis Service Manual, Iltis Shocks, Iltis Spark Plugs, Iltis Starter, Iltis
Springs, Iltis Taillights, Iltis Thermostat, Iltis Timing Belt, Iltis Turn Signal, Iltis Water Pump, Iltis
Windsheild, & Much More!
Contact:         MP Military Vehicle Parts  780.445.0637